Leonardo da Vinci's Trail

Vinci, Firenze







Host description

An excursion in the footsteps of Leonardo, among olive groves, vineyards and medieval villages on the hills of Vinci, immersed in the nature from which the great Tuscan genius drew his first inspirations.

Exclusive access to the Fattoria di Faltognano, a wonderful example of a Chianti winery, where you can visit the cellars and taste wines and olive oil from the estate (10% discount for Tuscany hiking customers on tasting and tasting + cutting board of local products).


Simple walk on paths, dirt and asphalt roads in a hilly environment;
length: modular, from 7 to 12 km, according to customers;
difference in height uphill: modular, from 200 to 400m, depending on customers;
environment: hilly, altitude from 50 to 400m a.s.l.


Packed lunch in the shadow of the Leccione di Faltognano, an imposing monumental tree from which the view sweeps over the entire Val d'Arno, the Chianti hills, up to Mount Amiata; Visit to the birthplace of Leonardo; Visit to the Villa del Ferrale, with the new exhibition "Leonardo and Painting"; Visit to the Leopardian Museums of Vinci.


9.00 am meeting in Vinci at the Pinetina della Doccia;
12.00 am visit to the Fattoria di Faltognano;
13.00 packed lunch at Leccione di Faltognano;
2.30 p.m. visit to Leonardo's birthplace in Anchiano;
3.30 p.m. visit to the Villa del Ferrale and the exhibition "Leonardo and Painting";
17.00 arrival in Vinci and visit to the Leonardo Museums.


Other information

Adults €40, children > 12 years free, private groups €200.


Tasting, lunch and museums optional and not included.


Excursion possible even in uncertain weather and moderate rain.

Minimum age 8 years.

What is included

Customized Tuscany hiking cap;

Ttekking Sticks
Map with the places of the excursion;

Light trekking shoes,

long pants,

I'm gonna need a sunglasses cap,

backpack with at least 1L of water,

some sweet snacks,

I'd like to have a packed lunch,

if the weather requires it, sun umbrella and rain cap.

What bring

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