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Host description

I'm Tommaso, 42 years old.


I'm SUP and surf instructor since 2012, lifeguard, running a SUP school in Florence and working in Adaptive Surf & SUP school on the seaside surfing with people with disabilities. I spent a lot of time traveling and surfing in many places all over the world. I have a 10 years old son, Lorenzo, I enjoy surfing or paddling with him.

I paddle in Florence since 2012, I was the first in town, since 2013 I organize an annual race just at Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi SUP Race/Florence Paddle Games.I love paddling flat water, waves, river rapids

What we do

Discover Florence by the unique perspective of a stand up paddle board with an expert local guide, an outdoor activity easy and healthy for all. Try a very relaxing cruising paddling in the morning in Florence with an energy breakfast together at the end of the activity in the garden of an old historic tower on the river side

We'll guide you to a leisurely cruise down the river Arno, paddling where I started paddling many years ago, and where every year the best italian paddlers fight in the Uffizi Sup Race, showing a great way to see Florence from a new perspective. You'll learn basics of SUP as you paddle along the old Florence skyline, under the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio, the Vasarian Corredor and the beautiful Palazzo Corsini.

I will provide to equipment, instruction, and guidance.

We speak Italian, English, Spanish, French so we'l be able to show you the beauty of Florence and introduce you to the fantastic world of Stand Up Paddling, a discipline that excite every year more and more people...with a lot of opportunities to practice, ecologic, healthy and funny

Other information

Participant must be able to swim

​All tours and excursions are fair-weather and water only. We will not take you into rainy, windy, choppy, or otherwise sketchy weather or water conditions. Participants must be able to swim, wear a sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from sun. The activities will be organized according to the level and ability of the participants, in order to find the climatic and environmental conditions that will ensure safe fun and encourage learning easy and fast and the progress in a manner commensurate with the preparation of the participants, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents and effects detrimental to the health of the participants.

What is included

Guide: EN/FR/ES


Sup Board and Paddle,


Shorts and t -shirt,



What to bring

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