Tuscany mountain hiking

Parco Naturale dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, Pistoia







Host description

Did you know that? Tuscany, famous for its cities of art, hides unknown and wild mountains, the Apennines. Populated by wolves and eagles, they hide glacial lakes and rugged peaks, from which you can enjoy views that shake the soul.


Simple hike on mountain paths and dirt roads in high mountain environment:
length: 10 Km;

difference in height uphill: 500m;
environment: mountain and high mountain, altitude from 1,300 to 1,700m above sea level;


Excursion to the Natural Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, packed lunch on the banks of a glacial lake and visit to the Botanical Garden Forest of Abetone.


10.00 am meeting at the Botanical Garden Forest of Abetone and start of the excursion;
At 13.00 arrival and packed lunch on the shores of Lake Nero;
2.30 p.m. start of the descent;
At 16.00 arrival and visit to 'Forest Botanical Garden of Abetone;
At 17.00 end of the experience.


Other information


Adults €40, children > 12 years free, private groups €200. Packed lunch and visit to the Botanical Garden optional and
not included.


Recommended period: from May to September.

The excursion is not feasible in bad weather.

Minimum age 10 years.

What is included

Customized Tuscany hiking cap;
Trekking sticks;
Map with the places of the excursion.

Hiking shoes,

long pants,

I'm gonna need a sunglasses cap,

backpack with at least 1L of water,

some sweet snacks,

I'd like to have a packed lunch,

a fleece and anorak.

What bring

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