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Via Francigena e dolci colline

San Gimignano, Siena







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Hi everybody!


I`m an environmental guide. I was born in a small but wonderful medieval village near San Gimignano and I am working in Tuscany. My tours range from trips to medieval villages to excursions to geological and naturalistic loci, from visiting landscapes and experiencing rural culture, to walks around the typical hill-villages along the Francigena Road (San Gimignano, Siena, Lucca etc).


At the end of my walks, tourists can have lunch or dinner in one of the farms near San Gimignano or in the Chianti countryside: olive oil, wine, saffron, cheese, honey are only some of the typical genuine food. While travelling, I always try to establish friendships and create opportunities to learn about the Italian culture: the history and the natural environment of Tuscany in particular

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The walk starts at the Santa Lucia campsite, on a short, asphalted municipal road. Shortly afterwards there is a detour on an old country road, which in the Middle Ages formed the famous Via Francigena. This road was used by the Archbishop of Canterbury Sigeric in 994, as well as by thousands of pilgrims, soldiers, men of culture and commerce, to go to Rome, southern Italy, the Middle East, Palestine and Jerusalem. The historic road is winds and plunges into the beautiful view of the hills in the surrounding countryside, and will be covered only for a few kilometers. Continuing on, the previous Via Francigena will be replaced by another route used to pass on agricultural land in past centuries. In the first part of the excursion we will have a view on a hill that allows us to observe the profile of an ancient villa of the eighteenth century, with its majestic and beautiful fir trees.


The beautiful hills of San Gimignano are the result of the hard and tiring work of the farmers, continued for many centuries that have lived for generations in our countryside. The hills that can be admired along the entire horizon surrounding San Gimignano are cultivated for the agricultural economy of the farms and farms. They are presented with sweet profiles, coloured with the various shades of the many agricultural or natural vegetation, rich in trees, shrubs, flowers, aromatic herbs and poisonous herbs. The typical cultivations that excite the observer, even the most distracted, are the olive groves, the vineyards, the meadows, pine forests, oak forests, many colorful shrubs as well as many beautiful flowers over which many colorful insects fly.


The tour takes place on an ancient country road that winds through gentle hills and also crosses a typical stream. The walk continues to an ancient peasant house and transformed into a beautiful farm. Beyond the farm we will walk to an ancient, typical and restored village, from which you can see, with a view to three hundred and sixty degrees, the profiles of the hills of Siena, Chianti, Florence, the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, Gambassi, and Poggio del Comune. On the way back we continue on a new country road, and making a ring tour we will find an ancient and beautiful Abbey, and then get back on the municipal road and finish the excursion,
by meeting the camp again.



Km. 11+7 circa, Dislivello; m. 60,00

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